The Punta Mita Condominium Association welcomes you and your family to the premier community of Mexico. The Civil Association (Punta Mita’s HOA) is a non- profit corporation, which has managed the common areas of Punta Mita’s Master Condominium for 18 years.

Our organization manages and oversees the operation of the common areas in an efficient, neutral and equitable manner aiming to maintain and/or increase the property value

HOA Services


Buildings & Auxiliary Facilities

Security guardhouses, fumigation, pest control, warehouse maintenance, guardhouse, sewage system, painting, wood jobs, phone bills & supplies.


Electricity & Lighting

Major & corrective maintenance, preventive maintenance, lighting repairs, energy savings, transformer maintenance, spare stock & CFE service payments.


Gardening & Irrigation

Horticultural management of landscaped areas, shrub care, pest & disease management, turfarea management, garden renovation, gardening & irrigation equipment, plant supply & establishment, fertilizers, irrigation with water trucks & irrigation water payments.


Beach & Road Cleaning

Beach & road cleaning machinery operation & maintenance, garbage re-collection, truck operation & maintenance, cleaning supplies equipment & garbage disposal fee.


Access Roads

Concrete & roadside ditch maintenance, water drainage system & requisite cleaning (rain, construction, etc.



Bilingual security guards, supervision vehicles and personnel, central communication office, fire security equipment & stock, external supervision & antidrug testing.



Master condominium operation, administration & supervision staff, auditing, accountant´s services, common area insurance, Federal Zone concession & HOA office operation.

To stay in closer contact with Punta Mita’s residents, the Master HOA provide more ways to stay in touch with all that’s going on in our community, as well as facilitate a forum for our owners to connect with one another. Owners may sign up at www.puntamitahoa.com, where you’ll find news, upcoming events, restaurant guides, photo gallery, blogs, community directory, Punta Mita phonebook, Master HOA document library, amenities schedule and much more.

Once again, welcome to Punta Mita and please feel free to visit us at your Master HOA office and get to know the staff.

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